News from Sark


Here on Sark every day is a news day and nature brightens every season

 Sark named world's first dark sky island

The Channel Island of Sark has been designated as the world's first dark sky island by the International Dark-Sky Association. Sark is a delightful holiday island and this recognition will bring its unique beauty to a wider audience. The latest BBC series on Astronomy - Stargazing Live, has already caused an upsurge in interest. If you would like to know more about Sark's dark skies please contact us.

Starry nights are visible on Sark Clear views of the night sky

Sark has no public street lighting and some residents and businesses have altered their lights to ensure as little light as possible is spilt upwards, creating light pollution, which has such an adverse effect on viewing celestial sky at night. A rich Milky Way is visible from Sark.

Astronomy has become a very popular pastime and at La Sablonnerie we aim to ensure that our visitors can encompass their hobby with good food and a comfortable, welcoming stay on the dark sky island of Sark. 

BBC Radio 4

Elizabeth Perrée was interviewed about Sark Life by BBC Radio 4 - Saturday morning Live - 24th August 2013.

You can hear the interview by clicking here:

The actual Sark interview is at 0:45:30 until 0:54:30 (move the small pointer at the bottom until it shows the time) 

BBC TV is showing the fascinating documentary about life on Sark
The Island Parish - You can watch BBC 2 at 8:30 on Friday or catch the entire series on BBC iplayer. Click here for the link.